Tuesday, April 21, 2009

April Club Product Feature - THE MARKER BUDDY

Marker Buddies

Oh my my. You are going to love this.

It is the friend of all copic users!

This amazing Buddy keeps your markers in a nice, sturdy, well crafted block that operates on a 'lazy Suzan', while you are using them.
Your Markers Rotate at your disposal.

Well, you say, I have both Caio and Sketch Markers... we have that covered... you can CUSTOM order your Marker Buddy to fit your Marker needs.
Size, Marker type -its up to you!

Alright... so here is the best part... these little gems... are $9.95 for the Caio, and $12.95 for the Sketch that are shown here. Please call or email Funkie Munkie Scraps for Custom and other size prices.

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  1. But shouldn't the markers be stored on their sides to keep ink at both ends?

  2. Yes, they should. This is for when they are in use. The one I had at my house actually stood up on its side as well... But I am not sure if that always works.

  3. Oh and the fit is so perfect, none of them fell out on its side!

  4. Great for those all day crops... never loose a marker, keep them all on your workspace!

  5. Thanks for your answers here and over on my blog. I really wanted to join the club my hubby wants to have me commited for my 'obsession' to copic. He probably wouldn't take kindly to them coming on a regular basis. :)