Saturday, December 12, 2009

Copic ABS Demo at The Funkie Munkie Today!!!

It was nice to see a few of your pretty faces today at the Funkie Munkie for the Munkie's 1st Birthday!!

Here is one of the cards that I demo'd with the Airbrush System today!!! I will try to upload the other later!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

December Munkie See, Munkie Do

Munkies - here is your December Munkie See, Munkie Do Color Combination. If you want a set of these call the Funkie Munkie today!
Members as usual enjoy these three markers at a 30% discount.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Custom Colors With Various Ink Refills

Product Feature & Tutorial by Kel Brown & Rachel Henahan.

Today we are going to have a discussion on how to make custom colors with copic various ink refills!!!

Kel and I are going to bring you a few in this series on Custom colors. Today are 'just the obvious' kind of colors. We will be doing 'outside color family mixes', 'using gray & colorless blender additions' & '3 or more mixes'!!!

Here is the Page download to add to your mini copic journal (found on the sidebar left)

What you will need: A friend!!! If you do not have a friend you will need an empty copic refill bottle.
1. 2 refills of choice
2. Empty copic Marker
3. two disposable cups
4. A tsp if you can not see the markings on the various ink bottles well.

This works very economically if you have a friend to share the love with. Kel bought one ink refill (E25) and I bought the other (E21), in order for us to produce its baby E23. Kel and I both leave the transaction with our own refill of the custom color and our own marker.
We use this method in order to insure precise measurement for consistent color mixing. This is to say, that we will always be able to refill our marker with the SAME color each time. We will not be mixing directly into the empty marker, for this reason. If we were to mix directly into the empty marker we would not be able to SEE our measuring and refilling would never produce the same initial color.

What you should know ahead of time. Each refill is 25ml. A tsp is 5ml. This will aid you in your measurement if you are not able to see the lines on the side of the refill bottle, then measure 2.5 tsps into your cup. If you are able you can pour half of your refill (12.5ml) into the cup. Take the lid and pour spout off your refill and pour half into a cup. Do this with each refill. So that E21 refill is half full, and the cup has the other half - AND E25 is half full and a seperate cup has the other half. SO you have 2 cups and 2 refills all half full.

Now pinch the plastic cup to a point and pour the cup of the E25 ink into the E21 refill bottle. Then take the second cup and pour the E21 ink into the E25 refill bottle. Replace the pour spout. Shake each refill well. Now you have 2 full E23 refills.... one for each of you. If you have no friend. Then pour half of your E25 ink, and half of your E21 ink into an empty various ink refill bottle. You will then have a full E23 refill and half of a E21 and half of E25 refill.

After you have reattached your pour spout and shook your refill well. Remove the chisel tip of your empty marker. Making sure both caps are removed... fill your marker with approx. 2cc's of fluid. Replace the chisel tip. And lay the marker flat with lids off.
You can see here that the ink will distribute and the marker will pressurize properly. Any clean up can be done using a paper towel and hand sanitizer, rubbing alcohol or alcohol based cleaner.

Keep your eyes open for the next installment of Kustom Kolors by Kel. . . (and her friend Rachel). We have some Krazy Kolors in store. (likely next week)

stay tuned.

Munkies... I have not forsaken you!!! I will be back REAL soon with some really great things. I am behind because of the Holiday and My daughters 1st and My 29th Birthday.... ALL in one weekend. Phew. I have a Turkey/Cake hangover!

I will have December's Munkie See, Munkie Do Colors for you - if you can not wait - call the store 864-288-9400

I have a product feature and Tutorial for you.... wanna sneak a guess? Here is the download for your mini book... Mini Book Page Addition

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

November Munkie See, Munkie Do

Alright, I am not sure why my auto-post is not working.... This was suppose to post on November 1st!!!

These are the Munkie See, Munkie Do Color bundle Colors for the month. To get yours call or email the Funkie Munkie... 864-288-9400

Members as always enjoy the bundle markers at 35% off!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Copic Munkie Recommends are COMPLETE!!!

The Funkie Munkie has finished the Copic Munkie 36 Recommended colors for 4 color families. These colors pair together well for your projects and images. You can use these to help you find colors that will work well together and blend and shade the best!
There are as always 3 colors from each copic number and 3 for shade/wings/glow etc. There are also 6 alternatives that you may prefer.
For Copic Marker Information and number selection, please call or visit Funkie Munkie Scraps at 864-288-9400.
This information is available as always to club members at anytime.
This Chart is in the notebook at the store.

If you would like a copy of the blank chart above... you can find it on the left sidebar under downloads as always or here.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Color with Katie!

Hey everyone! It's Katie here! I'm doing a copic coloring series called "Color with Me!" We over here in Copic Munkie land would love to know what other things you'd like to see colored! Got a color combo you'd like to see? Maybe it's a particular stamp company or image style. Leave your comments here on what you'd like to see next!


Monday, October 5, 2009

October Club Color Feature!

HIya Munkies. This card was made with the Munkie See, Munkie Do colors for the month. (I also added some C8 or 9 around the edges.) This card was made as a sample for the ABS class that was offered last month. You can see it in person in the store if you are local! Get your colors for the month by calling, emailing or visiting the Funkie Munkie! 864-288-9400
Colors are 35% for Club Members as always!

Stamps: Tree by Papermakeup, Bat $1 Hero Arts, Spooktacular Sentiment from The Greeting Farm. ALL available at Funkie Munkie Scraps Greer, South Carolina. Add yours to your next order!

Not a Club Member? See here for INFO, or call the store for the Details!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Mini Copic Book! A download for you!

Front Cover

There are four of these pages for each Color Family with spots for 36 colors.

This is a divider page, and the removable acrylic piece.

Faces for your favorite Hair and Skin Combos.

Color Combo Pages.

Hi Copic Lovers. We had NO tutorial last month. So I thought I would give you a download in its place.
This little book is not finished... I need to decorate the front, and color in some pages. But this book has charts for the Funkie Munkie Recommended 36 for each Family.
A removable plastic piece for palette coloring or placing behind pages while coloring.
Pages for your favorite Hair & Skin.
A pocket page.
And the final pages are the color combo charts from the Ilikemarkers.blogspot blog.

Wanna Make your own? Here are the pages I used for the inside of my book. I hope that they work out for you to print as well. You may have to play with them some.
The pages print 4 per 8.5x11 and cut out to 4.25x5.5 finished size!

Links are always on the LEFT sidebar for easy access.

October Munkie See, Munkie Do Colors!

Call the store for your colors. Munkie club price for members as usual. Non-club price also available. 864-288-9400

Happy Spooking this Month. Fall is upon us. October is letting us know it is time to break out the FUN colors.

You may have noticed some added links to the helpful links section on the left. I will have more posts on those coming soon!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

A September Munkie See, Munkie Do Sample.

Who is ready for a Club Color Feature? Well, I actually made this one myself... instead of seeking the assistance of our own Katie Cotton. I think she is prolly sick of me.

This feature was made using the Copic ABS system! Get ready for lots more info on that! Katie is out of town this weekend. So she asked something of me - for a change! Ha.
So I am lecturing at the Copic Munkie Club meeting... I say lecturing because I will be jabbering on and on! We will be spraying like crazy too!
Here are my lecture notes, if you want them in advance!
- Rachel

Thursday, September 3, 2009

September Munkie See, Munkie Do COLORS

WHups, Sorry ladies I did not realize that auto-post had failed me!!! This should have went up on the first!!! Forgive me! Call the store for your colors. Munkie club price for members as usual. Non-club price also available. 864-288-9400

Friday, August 28, 2009

August Product Feature

Today I want to share a very neat Copic product with you, and a fun way to match your colors.
Copic makes a very nice 'wallet' for store your copic markers.
The wallet is available in a few sizes for your marker needs. It also sets up as an easel. Now I have MORE than a few markers, so I do not keep all of my Markers in the copic wallet.

I have one that holds 36. I keep the COPIC MUNKIE RECOMMENDED 36 Basic colors in this wallet. I also have a 24 wallet for skin and hair. These travel with me and are very useful.

So what is the Copic Munkie Recommended 36, you may ask! Well, we have been working on a few charts here at the Munkie. We have charts that show the recommended colors, in groups of three for shading and blending purposes that will help you to do determine which markers pair well, and match with other color families. There are also a list of 6 alternatives that may fit better to your personal preferences (that is the last row). There are 3 colors for shading/shadowing stand alone colors... i.e. shadow on the ground, fairy wings etc. We will have a recommended 36 for Basics, Brights, Pastels/mutes & Earthy Natures.

You can view these charts at the Funkie Munkie in Greer. If you are an online club member, stay tuned. When we finish the chart information, we will be passing that along to you in email form. You can always call the store (864)288-9400. and ask for any colors you may see listed here on the blog!

Would you like to make a chart of your own? Here is a blank chart available for you to fill in!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

August Munkie Seeeeee Bundle Sample

Loving this months example from Katie Cotton. Leave her some love here in comment form, letting her know how cute it is!!! And pick up that August Bundle, before August comes to an end!

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Our Copic Munkie Blog Candy Winner for August is
(contact the store, or email Katie @ so we can make arrangements for you)

Thanks to everyone for your entries!!!

I hope that you all play again!

Look for some new posts with some great tutorials, samples, and a few fun informational items coming soon!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

AUGUST Munkie See Munkie Do!!

How Blue are you??? Well, you should be. This Munkie pairing is just blue enough for your collection! Add it today. As always, call the store for club pricing. You will not be disappointed.
Want to WIN these markers and this stamp by PaperMakeUp Stamps? See the post below!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Blog Candy at COPIC MUNKIE August 2009!!!!


What do you win???
The AUGUST Munkie See, Munkie Do 3 Marker Pairing & The stamp that is used in the sample for the blog! Here is a sneaky peaky:

How do you win???
Enter a COPIC project of any kind, I.E. Use your copics to create anything! PLEASE SUBMIT NEW ENTRIES (ex. Not something you made for last months challenge last month etc)
You get two chances to win:
1. submit your creation, by linking it here in our comments or emailing your submission to (leave a note in the comments that you have done this)
2. Get an extra chance to win by using any of the previous months' munkie see, munkie do marker pairings (you can find these on the left side, under labels: Munkie see, munkie do)

This contest is open to EVERYONE, Contest submissions end on Friday August 21st. winner will be drawn at random on Saturday, August 22nd. And posted on this blog no later than Sunday, August 23rd.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Munkies Check IN!!!!

Hi Munkies...
A recent newsletter was sent to your email... if you did not receive and you are a copic munkie member, please please please email Katie at!!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

July Munkie See, Munkie Do!

Oh Munkies. What a grand grand summer it has been. Blazing hot. So in celebration our Munkie bundle this month is Summer Yellow. The 3 marker pairing, as with every months' can be picked up at the Funkie Munkie or call/email etc. All of your details will be given then. Club members will recieve this bundle at the club discounted price!!! So give the Funkie Munkie a call today. And get all of the details. As always, the munkie is happy to accomodate your growing inventory of Copics... by subsitituting markers in this bundle that you may already have.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

TUTORIALS for JUNE (by Katie Cotton)

It was requested/suggested that there be a little tutorial on the the copic bundle colors for June. Well, June is about over, but here it is anyway! You still have time to order your bundle colors from Stephanie! Just head into the store or give her a shout to order! Club members of course get 35% off of the retail price of this bundle. :)

The copic bundle of the month is E25, E27, E29. These are LOVELY rich colors that you can have wonderful results with! But to some, they can be a bit tricky. Which is why it was asked that i do a little tutorial on them! No probbie, i say! But let me first say that there are multiple ways to get some neat effects with this color combo. This tutorial is simply 1 way! Check out THIS POST on the copic munkie blog to see 3 different ways to color the same image using this combo. You'll see 3 very different looks! See how fun copics can be!!!

Alright... now before i begin, i want to say that as you layer E25, it can get a bit darker than you were wanting it to be in the first place. This is just something you should keep in the back of your head. I'm also going to show you a bit of the "flick" or "feathering" method of coloring hair. We also did this in the club class this month, so keep your peepers out for another tutorial using this method and grey markers!

Here's how i started the hair... with E25...

Around the area that you'd like to have your highlight, you are going to flick or drag your marker into the white area. Let the marker lightly leave the paper in a flicking motion. This will help you get a gradual fade into the white. No we arent gradual yet... we will get there. :)

Step 2... add in E27

In the same flicking motion, add in your E27, but dont go as far as you did with the E25. Also add some E27 into the bottom portion of her hair as a shadow just as you normally would shadow (around the edges, maybe a few strands of hair, etc)

Step 3... add in your E29

I tend to use my darkest colors sparingly. Dont get me wrong, they are needed to get that depth, but too much and the whole thing just turns dark on me. And i like to still see my stamp lines. So i add E29 just to the very ends and then flick in a wee bit in her "hair part". Dont forget you can always click on the photo to view it larger!

Step 4... blending them all together... go back to E25.

Go over it all with E25 to blend. Remember anywhere you layer your E25, it's going to get darker. If you view closely, there are some spots that i did NOT layer so i that part would remind slightly lighter. If the area that is left white still have to hard of a contrast for your personal taste, quickly go over that area and the edges of the flicking with your colorless blender. I actually did this and you can see it in the final pic but i forgot to take a picture of this step. WOOPS. Or maybe it was deleted by mistake since there is a number missing from my picture sequence. In any case... it's easy. Just remember to "tornado" quickly and take a break as it will lighten up a smidgen more even after you've stopped using the marker because of the "drying time".

Next part of the image... her skirt!

Now again, because this color combo is a darker one, i like to leave some areas white so when i go over the whole thing to blend, it doesnt get too dark on me. Also, when i add a a dark color as my main color, i do like to start with the edges/shadows first so that i can still see my stamp lines. Not always, but it is my norm with this particular color family. In this case, I've started with my shade color of E27 because there just isnt enough space in the image to get too wild with a bunch of different colors.

Skirt step 2

Go over the whole thing with your lightest color, E25. If you want more of a gradual blend that you see here, concentrate your E25 color over the E27 more so than when you are adding it over your white space.

Boots step 1

Again, use one of your darker shade colors (in this case, E27) to draw in your shadows. I actually added in to the tip of her boot to give her those "boxy" knee highs. It'll help to get some added depth to the image.

Boots Step 2

Go over the boot with your E25. I actually layered E25 a second time over the far right boot because if you look carefully, it's actually a little bit further back/behind her left leg. You can tell this because the edge/tip of her boot is actually higher in the drawn image, making it further back.

So thats how i like to color with this color combo. If you own this color combo, my suggestion is to just play with it numerous ways with layering until you find what is comfortable for you!

Here is my final project using this image...

Rain Snow Shine from The Greeting Farm
Sentiment is a misc stamp i picked up at AC Moore on clearance... sorry i dont have much more info on it.

Hair, Skirt, Boots, Buttons: E25, E27, E29, Colorless Blender
Skin: E00, E21(shadow), E02(cheeks), E000 (to blend it all together)
Jacket: YR12, YR14, YR18
Umbrella: YR00, YR12
Socks: E40, E41

June Club Color Feature

Do you not just adore the Brown color combo this Month??? Check out what Katie decided to do with the browns! I think she made this one to make me happy. She must have known from my wardrobe that I LOVE brown, and orange. Contact the Funkie Munkie for the Munkie See, Munkie Do combo for June... see the post below for our sample!

Get ready for a contest with your Munkie See, Munkie Do Combo markers. . . No Club markers... No worries... I will make space for you!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Munkie See, Munkie Do Combo for June AT LONG LAST

Betcha thought I forgot. Nope... June has been hectic. No worries. I will have July up and running on time!!! Get your Munkie See, Munkie Do Copic colors at Funkie Munkie. You can call, visit or email. We got ya covered!

With these pictures I would recommend clicking on the pic to see it much larger and in detail. As always this was colored by 3 different certified Copic designers.

Friday, June 5, 2009


Going outside the natural blending family (more specifically using RV11 and BG10) - A tutorial By Katie Cotton

Achieving 3 tone looks with only 2 colors - A tutorial By Katie Cotton

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wanna See???

Do you want to see your work on the Copic Munkie blog??? Send your Copic Creations to and tell us to Feature you!

Monday, June 1, 2009

May Club Color Feature!

Are you not loving the Munkie See, Munkie Do Color Combo for May??? It is my favorite! The colors are sooo usable. You will use these over and over again!

Just wait till you see what is in store for JUNE! Coming this week!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Blog candy WINNER!!!!!!!

Thanks to everyone for playing! And come back often for more prizes... cause I like to give stuff away!
Our Blog Candy Winner is:
Susan said...

Hey my favorite Munkies! I am now a follower of this blog, and posted your Copic Munkie on my blog sidebar. Thanks for offering blog candy ~ and I'll see you as a "pay as you play" person!

Susan, please notify the FM, Myself, Katie or Kel at the Farmerz (who ever you talk to)... and I will get your Markers to you!!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

May Munkie See, Munkie Do

May Munkie See, Munkie Do

Clubies... Welcome to our First FULL month of the Copic Club!
This Month's Color Combo is "Green's Galore"

As always, this combo is available to Club Members 3 for $9. And non-members 3 for $12. Substitutions based on availability ( you can sub for an in-stock marker)

If you are around the Greenville Area, stop by the Funkie Munkie for National Scrapbook Day. If not, call the store for Munkie deals!

Prepare yourself for this months Color Feature, by Kel Brown. And an awesome Product Feature!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Color Feature

Did you see the Munkie See, Munksie Do Color Combo for this month???
Well, don't miss this creation using those luscious luscious colors!
From our very own Katie Cotton - Copic Certified Designer at Funkie Munkie Scraps and PaperMakeup Stamps!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

APRIL Munkie See, Munkie Do

Munkie See, Munkie Do April Marker Set 'Luscious Lip Gloss'

Each Month there will be a three marker pairing offered by the Funkie Munkie... $9 for Club members, and $12 regular Price.

Call or email the Funkie Munkie for Marker info and availability... we are happy to swap out if you have one of the colors in your collection already!

I will not generally list the marker info on the blog... Just the collection name and price with Sample.
But this month being the first month, I am going to tell you the Marker names... so you can try it where ever you buy your markers!

Here is our Sample, created by our 3 Copic Certified Designers! The possibilities are endless when you have such great products at your fingertips!

This Months Collection, "Lucsious Lip Gloss" contains markers R32, R35 & R37.

Send me a creation containing this combination and you may be featured on the Blog!!!

Also, this pairing is included in the Copic Munkie Blog Candy listed below!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

April Club Product Feature - THE MARKER BUDDY

Marker Buddies

Oh my my. You are going to love this.

It is the friend of all copic users!

This amazing Buddy keeps your markers in a nice, sturdy, well crafted block that operates on a 'lazy Suzan', while you are using them.
Your Markers Rotate at your disposal.

Well, you say, I have both Caio and Sketch Markers... we have that covered... you can CUSTOM order your Marker Buddy to fit your Marker needs.
Size, Marker type -its up to you!

Alright... so here is the best part... these little gems... are $9.95 for the Caio, and $12.95 for the Sketch that are shown here. Please call or email Funkie Munkie Scraps for Custom and other size prices.

Don't Miss the BLOG CANDY!!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Copic Club Blog Candy!!!

Blog Candy!!

Now that you have the Copic Club info, it is time to give something away!!!
Wanna win some yummies???
Prize will include:
At least one copic and spica... and some fun Funkie Munkie Scraps Goodies!
As well as the APRIL Munkie See, Munkie Do Marker Set!!!!

how to win - 3 ways, each way gives you ANOTHER chance to win:

1. follow this blog - click the 'follow' on the left.
2. add the 'copic munkie' badge with link to this blog to your blog (on the left)
3. Call or visit Funkie Munkie Scraps to Join the club (online sign up available soon) Not required to win!

Winner will be selected on MAY 3rd!!!

please leave a comment on this post telling me which way(s) you have submitted to win!

More candy Here and Here!!!

Club Pricing & Information!


Club Pricing on Marker Bundles - Each month Copic Munkie offers customers a custom selection of Copic Markers & Accessories at a great price. These Markers are paired together for optimal color satisfaction. ;)

Exclusive Downloads & Stamps - Monthly we will also offer downloads, tutorials and a stamp selection to coordinate with our Copic Bundle Marker selection.

Are you a Copic Munkie?

Membership and Club pricing is open to ALL customers. There are no monthly fees or commitments, pay as you go!