Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bigger is Better Journal Pages

So... maybe, you are not a fan of teeny tiny coloring in your copic journal. 
Perhaps you wanna practice in your journal with your full size stamps! 
I know I do.
Don't forget to make a plastic insert for your journal if you haven't already, it will protect the page behind the one you are coloring on. Scrap packaging works great for this. 
Here are my Bigger practice pages... I haven't printed the PDF form yet, so if it prints wonky, leave me a comment and I will work it out. 

Download yours HERE.

Monday, March 25, 2013

TAKE NOTE Copic Journal Pages

So, I am a SUCKER for a good tutorial. I see so many great ones online. So many that I can not keep track of all the great ideas.
Our fabulous little Copic Journal... doesn't really have a great place to store all those tutorials, or to take coloring notes. I mean you can jote one or two notes on the stamped images pages, but I thought we could use some pages that were a little more NOTEWORTHY. 
So I bought this nifty little E-Book from Make It Crafty and I wanted to keep some tiny notes to keep with me in my Copic Journal. For quick reference and ideas.
Here is what I came up with on the quick. 
 I haven't printed the pdf yet... so if it needs some tweaking ... leave me a comment and I will get to it tomorrow or so. 
Download HERE
Happy Coloring!
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