Friday, August 28, 2009

August Product Feature

Today I want to share a very neat Copic product with you, and a fun way to match your colors.
Copic makes a very nice 'wallet' for store your copic markers.
The wallet is available in a few sizes for your marker needs. It also sets up as an easel. Now I have MORE than a few markers, so I do not keep all of my Markers in the copic wallet.

I have one that holds 36. I keep the COPIC MUNKIE RECOMMENDED 36 Basic colors in this wallet. I also have a 24 wallet for skin and hair. These travel with me and are very useful.

So what is the Copic Munkie Recommended 36, you may ask! Well, we have been working on a few charts here at the Munkie. We have charts that show the recommended colors, in groups of three for shading and blending purposes that will help you to do determine which markers pair well, and match with other color families. There are also a list of 6 alternatives that may fit better to your personal preferences (that is the last row). There are 3 colors for shading/shadowing stand alone colors... i.e. shadow on the ground, fairy wings etc. We will have a recommended 36 for Basics, Brights, Pastels/mutes & Earthy Natures.

You can view these charts at the Funkie Munkie in Greer. If you are an online club member, stay tuned. When we finish the chart information, we will be passing that along to you in email form. You can always call the store (864)288-9400. and ask for any colors you may see listed here on the blog!

Would you like to make a chart of your own? Here is a blank chart available for you to fill in!


  1. Thank you for sharing the chart with us!!

  2. Rachel - thank you so much for sharing this. I am new to copics and this is going to help so much.