Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Custom Colors With Various Ink Refills

Product Feature & Tutorial by Kel Brown & Rachel Henahan.

Today we are going to have a discussion on how to make custom colors with copic various ink refills!!!

Kel and I are going to bring you a few in this series on Custom colors. Today are 'just the obvious' kind of colors. We will be doing 'outside color family mixes', 'using gray & colorless blender additions' & '3 or more mixes'!!!

Here is the Page download to add to your mini copic journal (found on the sidebar left)

What you will need: A friend!!! If you do not have a friend you will need an empty copic refill bottle.
1. 2 refills of choice
2. Empty copic Marker
3. two disposable cups
4. A tsp if you can not see the markings on the various ink bottles well.

This works very economically if you have a friend to share the love with. Kel bought one ink refill (E25) and I bought the other (E21), in order for us to produce its baby E23. Kel and I both leave the transaction with our own refill of the custom color and our own marker.
We use this method in order to insure precise measurement for consistent color mixing. This is to say, that we will always be able to refill our marker with the SAME color each time. We will not be mixing directly into the empty marker, for this reason. If we were to mix directly into the empty marker we would not be able to SEE our measuring and refilling would never produce the same initial color.

What you should know ahead of time. Each refill is 25ml. A tsp is 5ml. This will aid you in your measurement if you are not able to see the lines on the side of the refill bottle, then measure 2.5 tsps into your cup. If you are able you can pour half of your refill (12.5ml) into the cup. Take the lid and pour spout off your refill and pour half into a cup. Do this with each refill. So that E21 refill is half full, and the cup has the other half - AND E25 is half full and a seperate cup has the other half. SO you have 2 cups and 2 refills all half full.

Now pinch the plastic cup to a point and pour the cup of the E25 ink into the E21 refill bottle. Then take the second cup and pour the E21 ink into the E25 refill bottle. Replace the pour spout. Shake each refill well. Now you have 2 full E23 refills.... one for each of you. If you have no friend. Then pour half of your E25 ink, and half of your E21 ink into an empty various ink refill bottle. You will then have a full E23 refill and half of a E21 and half of E25 refill.

After you have reattached your pour spout and shook your refill well. Remove the chisel tip of your empty marker. Making sure both caps are removed... fill your marker with approx. 2cc's of fluid. Replace the chisel tip. And lay the marker flat with lids off.
You can see here that the ink will distribute and the marker will pressurize properly. Any clean up can be done using a paper towel and hand sanitizer, rubbing alcohol or alcohol based cleaner.

Keep your eyes open for the next installment of Kustom Kolors by Kel. . . (and her friend Rachel). We have some Krazy Kolors in store. (likely next week)

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