Thursday, April 15, 2010


Well Well Well... Guess What I didn't post Yesterday!! Ha.

So Without Further ado... Stephanie selected our Winner by the Random Child Picks a Number System. She (myself as well) was TOTALLY blown away at how awesome each journal was. It was so neat to see how uniquely individual each one was... and to see the fine details and HOW you were using it... was SO NEAT!!!
Random Winner!

Again, every entry was SO neat! Michelle will you please email stephanie at please include your address and tell her what craftiness you are inclined to perform: stamping/scrapping/both... and let her know if you have any specific projects or styles that you work with!!!

ALSO... if you were not able to participate,but are planning on or have made a journal...please feel free to continue to add your links to our original post... we would love to see your pretties.