Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Copic Marker Mini Journal 2012

HI Munkies!!!

It is good to be back for a little while. I have had lots of people inquiring about the Copic Marker Mini Journal.
I have not colored in a while, and I have relocated to Texas since the Funkie Munkie closed it doors a few years ago now.
But I have been motivated lately to revamp my room, and get crafting again!!!

Here are a few New pages that I thought would be fun for my book. I filled the boxes in with digis and or stamped heads! I have them for download in blank form.

OF COURSE they downloaded themselves sideways. Why not!!! Just turn your head to the side! ha. Or flip your laptop... cause these babies surely will not allow me turn them. 

Download your own Mini Copic Marker Journal!!!
Includes these new blank pages and an updated marker inventory that includes the new Copic Colors!
Printing Directions: Print pages 1-10 choosing either page 2 (blank color families to choose your own) or Page 3 (Copic Munkie recommended families) and print 7-10 in multiples according to your ideal use.
Cut each page to 4 4.25x5.5 pages. Bind on the left using your preferred binding method. 

Also, if you would like for me to print one for you... I will put up a few on my old Etsy Shop!
I am happy to take a custom order if you would like specific pages etc. 

If you have created a Journal of your own, please share it with us!!


  1. I've just come across your blog while surfing and love this little journal. I'm new to Copics--last Fall :) So just wanted to say thanks so much for the pages! My full page chart is getting a bit raggedy, so this may be the perfect solution! I'll try to get it done in the next week or two and post on the Linky :) again....thanks so much!

  2. Hi Rachel,
    Thank you so much for your updated pages.... I have been waiting with baited breath- LOL. I really appreciate your generosity in sharing these pages with all the copic lovers in blog land. Have a great day!!

  3. Hi Rachel, I made my little Copic journal and tried to leave a link but it didn't seem to want to do it :) I'll try back later--hope there isn't two now, lol.

  4. Hi guys!! So glad to see you are posting again! I created my mini journal last year but have just gotten around to blogging about it. I was MIA for quite a few months but I wanted to thank you for all of your hard work in putting these pages together : )

  5. Thank you for making and offering this Copic journal for us to use, I can't wait to start filling it!

  6. Just found this sight after watching Dana's YouTube video. Looking forward to exploring this site.

  7. Just received my copic mini journal, Wow I love it !!! Can't wait to get started! Finally a book that keeps everything in one place. Thank you Rachel for all the work you put into this. Thanks Connie

  8. Just found your site a few days ago! Thank you for the wonderful pages to make our very own book. This is truly a gift!